Tips on Completing 2021 Scholarship Application

The New Outlook Pioneers ( ) are part of the Telecom Pioneers of America (  The New Outlook Pioneers Joe Cleres – Don Sage Scholarship 2021 program is open to any student who is a legal resident of the United States of America who has an intellectual or physical challenge.  In 2019, this program made 49 awards of tuition payments in the amounts of ranging from $500 to $2,500 totaling $30,000.  Most of the awards are $500 with the payments made directly to the institution providing the education of the student.  The payments are for tuition only to the student’s educational institution.  To apply for the one these awards, the student or someone on their behalf needs to submit a two- or three-page application. 

The first page is a coversheet that contains contact information where the student or his or her representative can be reached on May 1, 2021, as well as a brief description of the student’s challenge.  This coversheet is available on the New Outlook Pioneers website ( 

The second page is a one page essay describing how the student met the challenge of their disability highlighting their academic and community service achievements.

Typical third pages are a one-page resume used in college or job applications or a letter of recommendation.  Payments are for the 2020-2021 school year.  The winning student needs to submit a school invoice for tuition payment that includes the address where the tuition check needs to be sent.  This information needs to be submitted by September 1, 2020, to the local Pioneer representative who notified you of your award.

The coversheet is available in .pdf (Adobe) or .doc or .docx (Microsoft) formats.  Tips on filling out the .pdf version of the coversheet: use the freely available (at Adobe Acrobat DC reader.  Using earlier versions Adobe Acrobat should work but have not been tested.   When using Adobe Acrobat, you can tab to the next field or point and click at it.  When describing the disability, each line needs to be entered separately.  Adobe Acrobat does not automatically wrap to the next line when the end of line is reached.  Rather you must manually tab to the subsequent line once the end of line is reached.  Using the Microsoft versions is trickier as the .doc or .docx formats require manual pointing to the next field.   Also as you enter data, the underlines are moved resulting in the need to truncate excess data on each line so that the remaining lines are not impacted.  If you have questions, contact Fred Salomon,, 630.355.9367 home phone before 9 PM Central time or send a text message to 331.444.3161.

Submit your completed application by March 14, 2021

Adobe PDF File (click on this link to select this file)

Microsoft Word .docx File (click on this link to select this file)

Microsoft Word .doc (Click on this link to select this file)

Submitted by Director Fred Salomon