Elisabeth Davidson with Norwescap is a private, non-profit corporation originally established in 1965 under the Economic Opportunity Act to serve the low-income population throughout Northwest New Jersey. Some of the donated computers are located behind Elisabeth in the closet.
Dave Sullivan handing out the first group of refurbished laptops

The Morris club of the pioneers computer refurbishing project last year got a large corporate donation of 200 or so of desktops and laptops from the Bobst company in Roseland NJ. They were wiped onsite and then were taken to the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Randolph, NJ where we have a pc lab to do our work under normal circumstances. Local volunteers cleaned and loaded Windows 10 on most of them.

We were given about 100 or more for our work to support local nonprofits in the area. Elisabeth Davidson of NORWESCAP has been coordinating delivery of some of our equipment to needy families in the Dover NJ area.

Since everything nonessential has been shutdown I have been working at home refurbishing what inventory I had and have been able to deliver them to a front porch in Dover for redistributing with the help of Elisabeth Davidson.

See photos of project submitted by David Sullivan click here

Submitted by David Sullivan co-project leader