PENSION NEWS How we run our money: Nokia

In the article below, Arto Sirvio, Nokia’s director of pensions, tells Carlo Svaluto Moreolo how the communication and information technology company manages a large portfolio of pension plans. Reprinted from January 2018. In a world where corporate behaviour comes under closer scrutiny, the way companies treat current and past employees is critical. Ensuring they are financially secure in retirement is not something that can be overlooked by management boards. But for a company such as Nokia, which has about 100,000 staff and more than 200,000 retired employees, pensions can become a great challenge… Click here for the full article.

All retired employees that worked for Western Electric, AT&T, Lucent Technologies but retired from Avaya has their pension from Avaya paid by the PBGC the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation as Avaya filed bankruptcy under chapter 11

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