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Monthly Archives: December 2021

Cozy Wraps Delivery The Day Before Christmas

On the afternoon of December 23 a couple of ladies in the Cozy Wrap group dropped off some items they had knitted and Carolyn put them with what she had finished and Bob and her planned one last delivery to the Lydia House at the Open Door Mission on the morning of December 24. Lydia House is a shelter for women and a part of the Open Door Mission. Carolyn said that they delivered 29 handmade items to Lydia House consisting of baby items, scarfs, headbands and a 14 baby blankets. Kristin accepted the donations and told Carolyn that the items were very much in need.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins – Pictures by Bob Wolkins

Care Bears Lincoln, NE Pioneer Volunteers

In 2019 Helen Loyd and Sherry Lynn Riddle moved to Lincoln, NE and continued their pioneer volunteer work. They started to make tote like bags, hug bears and blankets in their home. They connected with the Lincoln Police Department to distribute the items they were making for those in need. Their in house connection at the police department was Dawn Moore. Dawn is the office specialist that collects and helps distribute the items to those in need. Helen and Sherry Lynn had Dawn over to their home to show her the work that they have finished this year for her to distribute. Helen and Sherry Lynn made 98 hug bears, 103 tote bags and 4 blankets.

Submitted by Sherry Lynn Riddle

Heartland Council Pioneers Life Member Luncheon 12/7/2021

Omaha Works Pioneer Christmas Life Member Luncheon December 7, 2021

On December 7 the Heartland Council sponsored a Life Member Luncheon for all the retirees of the Omaha Works, 1956 – 2011. There was also a food drive in connection with the luncheon. Chapter president Bob Wolkins left to deliver the donated food to the Salvation Army when the luncheon was over.

The LML had over 112 retirees attending the luncheon. They enjoyed the comradery with old friends from work and voted after the meal to keep the luncheon at Anthony’s in 2022.

This year we were able to get a number of surplus promotional items from Pioneer headquarters. Judy wrapped the items and held a grab bag and everyone got a surprise gift.

Photos of the Heartland Council LML guests are posted on the pioneer website soon at On on the home page click the NEWS to view them.

Heartland Councils Christmas Luncheon 12/7/2021

Submitted by New Outlook West Ch. 161 President Bob Wolkins

Therapy Oriented Tricycles (TOT trikes) Build Nov 2021

Therapy Oriented Tricycles (TOT) Nov Build

Connie and Gordon Hankins hosted a Therapy Oriented Tricycles (TOT trikes) build November, 2021 in the basement of their home in Naperville, Illinois. The trikes are built and stored in their basement. When a request comes in for a TOT trike they then pack the trike from the inventory and delver it for shipping.

The group in this trike build consisted of 13 people: eight members of the Joliet Kiwanis as well two neighbors, Gordon and Connie Hankins and their daughter. After the days work and the completion of 20 TOT trikes the group was served homemade cookies, coffee and drinks with a job well done.

You can find out more information about the Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) Project here.

Submitted by Region Director Fred Salomon