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Heartland Council 137 LML and Food Drive

Council President Bob Wolkins has the food drive donations for the Salvation Army ready to deliver on 12/5/2019 after the LML. Bob reported that the donations filled three grocery carts. The Salvation Army estimates that each grocery cart filled has a value of $175.00.

Season Greetings
Heartland Pioneers
Omaha Works Volunteers
Life Member Luncheon
Christmas 2019

The Heartland Pioneers the Omaha Works Volunteers had their Christmas LML this past Thursday, December 5, 2019.. The luncheon began with the pledge of allegiances to the flag of the United States of America and followed with the invocation of blessing delivered by Barb Gray. The December Luncheon was the third one this year for the group. The luncheons are a good way to see the people you have worked with through the years. It’s good food, a lot of fun to see everyone and find out how the current community projects are proceeding. The pioneers also held a food drive for the Salvation Army food bank to coincide with the LML. You could drop off your food donation on the way in.
You can click on this link to view some of the retired life members at the luncheon.
Those using the browser Chrome will find when you click on link Chrome will download the file and then you will have to click on file and file number 2 in the drop down menu.

Penn-Jersey Chapter 132 Backpack Report For 2019 Charitable Foundation Grant

New Outlook Penn- Jersey Chapter 132 donated school supplies and 1,560 backpacks and 1,632 pencil
holders to over 14 schools and community facilities. The backpacks, pencil holders and school supplies
were purchased with Pioneers Charitable Foundation Grant funds. Additional school supplies donations
were collected from the school supplies drive held August 8, 2019 at Music in the Park event in Plainfield,

The successful implementation of the Backpack program has resulted in organizations and students
inquiring in August when backpacks will be provided.

Approximately 22 boxes of school supplies collected
at the Music In the Park event held at Milt Campbell Field, Plainfield, NJ.

Donated school supplies sorted at the Shiloh Baptist Church, Plainfield, NJ location by New Outlook
Pioneers and other volunteers. Supported distribution at Plainfield School System program.

Donations by New Outlook Pioneers Penn-Jersey Chapter 132 were distributed to:
Community Coordinated Child Care – Rahway, NJ
Constable Elementary School – South Brunswick, NJ
Evidence of the Gospel Church, Inc. – Hillsborough, NJ
Feeding Hands Food Pantry – Emmanuel Church – Somerville, NJ
Huntington Park Christian Academy – Philadelphia, PA
Plainfield School System – Plainfield, NJ
Rahway Public Schools – Rahway, NJ
Saint Mark’s Church and Saint Mark’s Center for Community Renewal – Keansburg, NJ
Salvation Army – Reading, PA
St. Joseph’s Social Center – Elizabeth, NJ
Shiloh Baptist Church Food Pantry – Plainfield, NJ
The Food Bank Network of Somerset – Bound Brook, NJ
Union County T.E.A.M.S. Charter School – Plainfield, NJ
Whitehall Elementary School – Norristown, PA

Respectfully submitted by:
Penn-Jersey Chapter 132
Project Coordinator Cynthia Price
Treasurer – Penn-Jersey 132 and Murray Hill Club

John D. Burlie Cub’s Christmas Party at Twin Valley Psychiatric Hospital

The John D Burlie Club’s Twin Valley Psychiatric Hospital Christmas party on 12/11/19 in Columbus. We had a DJ for dancing and provided soft drinks and appetizers for the residents.

The Burlie group has three events with this group annually to give their patients something different to look forward to and attend. There’s a corn roast during the summer, and a hot dog roast in the fall. Most of our attendees have been participating for 10+ years.

Santa is actually the grandson of Gary Bogart that started our tradition 50 years ago.

New Outlook Region Reorganization Coming Soon
The Pioneers New Outlook Region will soon be reorganzed from seven chapters down to two chapters. The two chapters will be New Outlook East Chapter # and New Outlook West Chapter #. It hasn’t been decided how many councils there will be or clubs. The final date of the reorganiztion hasn’t been established. It is moveing forward as fast as it can.

2020 Telecom Pioneers Charitable Foundation Grant Packet

We now have the approved application for 2020 grant money. Applications for the Grant money should be sent to Fred Salomon ( and me ( no later than January 7th. The amount of corporate funding for 2020 looks like it will be down from 2019, but we will continue to due some internal funding of projects (outside of the grant process) also.

Please get this packet to groups within your organization that may have requests.

You can click on this link to download the Charitable Foundation Grant Packet

Elaine Housley and Fred Salomon New Ooutlook Region Directors

J.D. Burlie Club Crossroads Chapter 135 Working With GRIN

Gahanna Residents in Need

The Gahanna food pantry began in 1972 when Sarah and Jim Williams started the pantry in their own home. By 1978, Mifflin Presbyterian Church offered to house it for them.

The pantry officially became GRIN in 1999, with the support of the Gahanna Ministerial Association and Rotary under the leadership of Sally Williams and Reverend Roger Wagner from Mifflin Presbyterian.

Cheryl Malone a member of the John D. Burlie Pioneer Club regularly volunteers at GRIN (Gahanna Residents in Need), a local food pantry in central Ohio. Her volunteer responsibilities include shopping for the pantry to restock the shelves and helping clients select food for their families. The grocery shopping is done at our local Meijer store as part of their Meijer’s Gives Program.

Each month, the Burlie Club collects donations at out Luncheons to address food insecurity in our community. These donations are used to help local food pantries, including GRIN. This month, the Burlie Pioneers donated 150 boxes of cornbread mix, which will go into the Christmas food baskets being distributed to GRIN clients. We also plan to donate soups to the pantry after the December luncheon.

Submitted by Cheryl Malone


Recently I received a spreadsheet from Gordon Hankins presidnet Crossroads Chapter 135 updating some changes in their council roster. This is information for the Region and for others that would look to contact different members in the council. The council roster is information complied for an up to date record.

Please note that this is the current listing for 2019 and a new listing will be issued after the planned reorganziation is complete.

Gordon Hankins

You can click on this link to view the roster information.

S0UTHWEST CHAPTER 136 – EASTERN MISSOURI Council 310 – 11/2019


Well my favorite times of the year are almost here. Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is time to count our Blessings! After all the years of working together we sure have a lot to be Thankful for!

Here are a few of my 2019 blessing …….  In April and November, we visited with the Data Center folks for breakfast; In late April we attended the Western Electric, AT&T, Lucent reunion. Then in May attended the Spring Picnic. In July we attend St. Louis Children’s hospital’s “Camp Rhythm” and in August was the Golf Tournament. We can’t forget about our monthly/ weekly trips to the USO , trips with our veterans and Circle of Concern. I hope all of you enjoyed the opportunities to see and visit with our work families.

Coming up in a couple of weeks,  December 6, from 4:00pm until 10:00 pm , will be our “Happy Hour” hosted by Jan Hanne, at a new location 1356 Public House on Big Bend, on December 18th will be the last event of the year , our Luncheon at Sybergs, we hope all of you will be coming. We will have 6 big items to raffle off, attendance prizes to give away and a Bake sale to help give us a positive start for 2020. These activities will enable us to stay activity in our Pioneering and donation are always welcome.

I hope each of you will consider attending one or both of the remaining activities as we would like to see all of our coworker family.

2019 DATES TO REMEMBER – Secretary, Pat Hawkins

If you would like to take an active role in Pioneering in our Eastern Missouri Council please come to our Monthly Council Meeting on the 2nd  Wednesday of each month at Region Bank in Ballwin, the meeting starts at 10:00. Some of the events below are not sponsored by the Pioneers, this newsletter is meant for communicating with Pioneer membership as well as former and current coworkers.

DATES TO REMEMBER IN 2019: NOTE: Some dates/events can be added or changed as the year progresses

December 11, 2019 Board Meeting  
December 6, 2019 Christmas Happy Hour – 1356 Public House – Valley Park/Ballwin
December 18,2019 Christmas Luncheon @ Syberg’s


The current financial reports have been completed and approved and sent to Denver for processing.  2019 is Coming to a close; Christmas Shopping for the Circle of Concern and USO has been completed and waiting for delivery. Result for our 2019 accomplishment of each of our projects, Military Project, Craft for Comfort Project, Camp Rhythm Project, and Food Pantry are being finalized and will be forwarded to the Pioneer Headquarter in Denver before the end of the year.

The council newsletter is attached and you can click here to read it.

TOT Radio Flyer “Smile Team”

The Radio Flyer “Smile Team” are employees of the corporation that do philanthropic projects.

Connie Hankins emailed me today and told me that on Friday, November 15 the Radio Flyer “Smile Team” made their annual visit to the home of the Hankins and TOT workshop in their basement.

Connie said, The Radio Flyer “Smile Team” has been coming to our workshop in our home, once a year for several years. When they were there on Friday the group brought 15 trikes with them and they assembled 20 trikes while there.

After the day was done They were treated to lunch for all their help. The group was make up of six wonderful young adults that participated in the work day. The group is supported by the Radio Flyer corporation and Connie said, “we are so grateful for their service to the T.O.T. project.

You can find out more information about the Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) Project here.

Hug A Bears in Iraq

Elaine was given a photocopy of a Bear riding with a solider during her visit to Omaha, NE and the Heartland Council. All we know about the photo is that an Arkansas Pioneer Chapter sent around 200 Hug A Bears to the troops to pass out to children. That photo has served as an inspiration for the Omaha Bear group. There is a story about a little Iraq girl carrying a Bear stopping the troops from advancing on the road telling them that there were mines in the road ahead.

During this past summer, Elaine Housley Board Director for the New Outlook Pioneers entered into conversations with the Omaha Works Volunteers the old Heartland Council Pioneer group. The Heartland Council had went dark or withdrew from the pioneer organization some time back but continued to do things on a much smaller scale to make their funds last as long as they could. Her discussion ended with the Heartland Council returning to the pioneer organization.

Elaine agreed with the council to come out to Omaha and meet everyone. The meeting took place this past week on November 5, 2019. Jan Corich from the financial organization also came to the meeting and Elaine and Jan answered many questions about the pioneer organization and the financials.

The meeting took place in the permanent work area of the Hug A Bears at the Maple Ridge Retirement Center. The work space is free to the council to make bears and has been since they were asked to vacate the Omaha Works and their work area. The new work area are has been named the Bear Den.

New Outlook Pioneers Eastern Missouri Council Roster Chapter 136

Recently I received a spreadsheet from Elaine Housley via Judy Herbst that was updated by Patricia Hawkins due to some changes in their council roster. This is information for the Region and for others that would look to contact different member in the council. The council roster is information complied for an up to date record.

If each club, council and chapter had a roster with all of the officers and chairs in a roster list they could be posted in the NEWS under their chapter and if you wished to get a hold of someone you could search the chapter news files and locate the roster and find who you are looking for.

You can use the Eastern Missouri Council roster spreadsheet as a guide to develop your own roster and then share it on the website.

For those that would like to view the updated roster just click on this link.