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Pioneers and Florist One

A great way to send flowers!

Sending flowers is a lovely way to say “Happy Birthday”, “Get Well”, “Thank-you”, or just “I’m Thinking of You”. Now you can order flowers and support Pioneers** with our new fundraising partner FloristOne!

FloristOne has beautiful arrangements for all occasions, and they deliver all across the USA and Canada.

Florist One benefits Pioneers and is a great way to order flowers. The portal is hosted on the Legacy West Pioneers website,, but all proceeds are directed to TelecomPioneers.  Your support is ALWAYS appreciated! 

Save this link and use it frequently!  Flowers, or a tree planted in someone’s honor, is a thoughtful gesture and is not a burden to be saved, stored, or take up space.

Florist One is easy to use and sends a confirmation email and text (if desired) when the delivery is complete.

Available across the US and Canada.

Order flowers here

Heartland Pioneers Helping Those in Need Beat the Heat

For the third consecutive year the Heartland Council Pioneers of New Outlook West Ch. 161 took part in the fan drive purchasing 80 box fans for the needy and elderly in the Omaha area.

Help Omaha Metro Residents Beat the Heat: Donate to the Annual Fan Drive

Summer’s sizzling temperatures can take a toll on anyone, but the elderly, people with medical conditions and those without air conditioning are especially at risk. That’s why Westlake Ace Hardware’s annual Fan Drive to benefit The Salvation Army has been a vital lifeline to many in Omaha.

Stop by any Westlake Ace Hardware metro-Omaha location any time between now and June 18 to round up your purchase or donate any amount of your choice. Donations can also be made online here.

Funds will be used to purchase fans for The Salvation Army, and all donations will support people in need in our local community, including low-income seniors, qualified families with children and adults with disabilities.

Donating to the fan drive is an easy way to make a big difference for someone in need. A single box fan can help reduce energy costs by properly circulating air throughout a home or by helping a small window unit air conditioner cool more efficiently.

“We are so grateful to every one of the Westlake Ace Hardware customers who contribute to the fan drive,” said Tiffanie McCowin, director of material assistance and seasonal services for The Salvation Army of Omaha. “Something as simple as a fan can make a tremendous difference in the health and comfort of the elderly and others who might struggle during summer’s hottest days.”

Submitted by Gordy Viner Chair

John D. Burlie Pioneers Donate Lights To Truro Historical Society Barn

The Reynoldsburg/Truro Historical Society is rich in the history of the area. The Reynoldsburg/Truro Historical Society is the place to go to learn more about there City history and James C. Reynolds, the City’s founder.

The Pioneers Burlie Group heard about the Truro Historical Society needs of new lights in the barn. Elaine and Jerry contacted the Truro Historical Society and told them that they would like donate the lights for the barn from the Burlie Club Pioneer.

New Outlook Region Scholarships Winners For 2023 – 2024 School Year


Scholarship Winners For The 2023 – 2024 School Year

The committee is happy to report we are awarding 38 scholarships for a total of $36,000. Thank you for applying for the New Outlook Pioneers’ Joe Cleres-Don Sage Memorial Scholarships Award for 2023 – 2024. The Scholarships is named in recognition and remembrance of Joe Cleres’ and Don Sage’s Pioneer leadership and service, and especially, their long commitment to education, youth and the scholarship process. 

Sincerely yours,
Elaine Housley & Deb Foly Directors
New Outlook Pioneers Scholarship Committee

Thank You John D. Burlie Pioneers the Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare

April 16-22, 2023

This week, we honor the selfless spirit of Americans who volunteer, and we sound the call for more Americans to seize opportunities to serve their communities.

Every day across America, volunteers are performing extraordinary acts of service. They are repairing and rebuilding homes, educating our youth, and connecting people to jobs. They are supporting veterans and military families, helping to run our elections, and combating climate change. In the aftermath of natural disasters, neighbors volunteer to restore communities and cook hot meals. And amid a pandemic, volunteers have stepped forward to help administer vaccines and provide lifesaving resources to people in need.

Volunteering defines America. Our Nation is a place where light triumphs over darkness, where we seek to lift everyone up, and where we lead not by the example of our power but by the power of our example. As those who volunteer know firsthand, service also benefits the volunteer. It can teach important skills, help build professional networks, and provide an empowering sense of purpose. Volunteering brings people together, uniting us around our common belief in the dignity and equality of every person and giving us a chance to learn from others we might otherwise never meet.

Maureen Fahy, MA, ATR
Volunteer Program Administrator
Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare
2200 W. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43223

The dedication of volunteers is truly admirable, and it’s wonderful that National Volunteer Week provides us with an opportunity to formally recognize your contributions. To all of the volunteers who have given their time and energy to Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare over the past year, thank you for your service and for making a positive impact on the lives of patients in need.

The attached newsletter summarizes the contributions made by the volunteers and community sponsors and announces Warren Dimock as the honoree for the Dorothy J. Simonds Excellence in Volunteer award, in recognition of his work as a Spiritual Life Volunteer.

In the absence of large-scale special events, you brought joy and normalcy to our patients’ lives. The facility looks forward to reintroducing special events in the future and engaging our Volunteer Groups who have been patiently waiting for their return. Thank you!

Thank you Pioneers for your continued support and Happy National Volunteer Week!

Submitted by Elaine Housley New Outlook Region Director

History of the Hand Operated Tricycle (HOT)-Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT)

The Western Electric Pioneers at that time was called the Telephone Pioneers of America and they started a project for the Physical Handicapped Children of America in the late ’70’s – early ’80’s named the Hand Operated Tricycle (HOT). The Rolling Meadows Life Member Pioneer club was located in Aurora, Illinois where the Montgomery Shops was located. The Montgomery Shops work was opened in 1955 and made data-phone transmission sets, traffic service position sets, telephone parts and was closed and demolished in 1987.

A number of locations that had machine shops helped make all of the parts needed to customize a regular tricycle into Hand Operated Tricycle (HOT). The closing, selling or spinning off all of the 21 former manufacturing plant spelled the end of the HOT’s made and assembled by the Pioneers.

It wasn’t the end of the special tricylces that the former Pioneers were make. The Life Member Pioneers in Aurora, Illionis in the late ’90’s converted the project into the Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) helps physically challenged kids get active. Telecom Pioneers Gordon and Connie Hankins lead efforts to give custom trikes to kids in need today. The TOT’s are modified and assembled then stored in the basement of there home..

Heartland Pioneers Connect With The Salvation Army Night Watch

On December 1, 2022 the Salvation Army began its 35th year and Judy Coffey from the Heartland Pioneer started volunteering with the Night Watch program. A few weeks later Judy got a phone call from a friend she knew. The freind told her she taken up knitting again and had made about 54 stocking hats.

She asked Judy if she knew of a place to donate them. Judy told her she knew of a group that would be happy to receive the stocking hats. After making a couple of phone calls Maria at the Salvation Army Disaster Service told Judy they had a current need for stocking hats and would like to have them. Judy stopped by and dropped off 54 stocking hats. .

The Salvation Army of Omaha begins its 35th year of Night Watch

The Salvation Army of Omaha loaded up its trucks and set up in two different locations in Omaha Wednesday night for the 35th year of the Winter Night Watch program.

The program is aimed to help the homeless and near-homeless by handing out food and winter apparel such as hats, coats, gloves and socks.

“It’s just so critical for those who are just trying to literally just survive out there on the streets,” Capt. Kelsie Moreno with The Salvation Army said.

The trucks set up five nights a week and go through the winter. Thomas Miller has volunteered with Night Watch for 12 years and says the gratitude for both volunteers and those being served goes both ways.

“They’re really gracious and really nice about receiving and I feel good about giving, so yeah, it works both ways,” Miller said.

The Salvation Army’s programs, like Night Watch, function in large part to volunteers. Captain Moreno says they are always in need of volunteers to help.

For those who prefer to donate instead of volunteer, The Salvation Army is always in need of winter coats. Those can be donated during regular business hours at any Salvation Army location.

Submitted by Judy Coffey

Pioneers Penn Jersey Ch. 132 Backpack Project and Don MacKenzie Grants

The strength of Pioneering is the volunteer. Pioneers projects are as diverse as the communities we serve. We take a grassroots approach towards volunteerism, responding to the unique needs of our hometowns. The Pioneers Don MacKenzie Charitable Foundation Fund (Foundation) provides grants for educational and/or charitable community service projects that make a significant impact in local communities and generate substantial recognition for the Pioneers.

Students in NJ and PA Public schools are responsible for providing their own school supplies (including, but not limited to backpackspens, notebooks, binders, glue, crayons, paper, calculators, computers, etc.)

New Outlook Pioneers has endeavored to close the economic gap in some of these areas. Many years ago, we sent letters to Elementary school principals in school districts where we identified struggling families. We asked these school administrators if their students would benefit from receiving back packs and school supplies. The response from every principal contacted was a resounding “YES”!

Since that time, we set a purchase goal to buy thousands of back packs, and accompanying school supplies for students in the communities we serve.

Submitted by Cynthia Price – Penn-Jersey 132