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Our Mission

Pioneers is a network of volunteers who effect immediate, tangible change in local communities, in partnership with their sponsors.

Our Vision

Is to be recognized as a world-class leader in volunteerism. To be respected and valued by our members, strategic partners, global community and our industry. We are committed to the diversity and growth of our members and strategic partners in improving the quality of life in our community.

Pioneer Values

Inclusive and Relevant We embrace members with different backgrounds, skills, and beliefs, because we know fresh ideas and unique viewpoints are necessary to meet the current and future needs of the people we serve.

Trustworthy and Compassionate

Our incredible success to date and our strong future is due entirely to our network of understanding, sensitive volunteers who thrive on responding to the critical needs of their communities.

Transparent and Accountable

As a volunteer and donation-driven organization, we make a promise to all our members and sponsors that we will be open about our business practices while maintaining the highest standards of financial accountability and integrity..

Corporate Pioneer Board of Directors

Each of the five pioneer groups in the United State and Canada have directors on the Pioneer Board of directors.  The five Pioneer Groups plus headquarters are: Pioneers Headquarters, AT&T Pioneers, Canadian Pioneers, New Outlook Pioneers, Legacy West Pioneers, and New Vision Pioneers.

Elaine HousleyElaine Housley

Elaine Housley was Chapter 135 President, Chapter 135 Secretary, and President of the John D. Burlie Club in Columbus, Ohio.  She joined the board in 2018, serving her first two-year term, and is the primary Division vote at Board of Director meetings.  

Fred SolomonFred Salomon

Fred Salomon joined the board at the beginning of 2019 for his first two year term.  Most recently he was chapter treasurer of chapter 135 and ran the Cleres Scholarship function.  He has also served as chapter president of the Crossroads Chapter 135.

New Outlook Delegates at 2019 Pioneer Conference

groupFR – Cindy Price   Sally Wills   Helen Loyd   Elaine Housley   Donna Sturgis   Frank Wills   Judy Herbst

MR – Dan Katze   Helen DeAcosta   Sherry Lynn Riddle   Lois Metz

BR –  Jane Strock   Jim Heidler   Joyce Jordon   Fred Salomon   Oscar Covington   Bob Edmunds