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Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) Project – Since the Hankins’ took over the TOT Project in 1996, TOT has donated over 1,000 modified tricycles to physically challenged children across the US.

Hot Trike Workshop Information

The New Outlook Pioneers, Crossroads Chapter 135, West Suburban Pioneer Club is proud to have been making both Hand Operated and Foot Operated Tricycles for the past 30 years and to have shipped over 4,000 trikes. Currently the Workshop only makes the Foot Operated (TOT) Trikes. The Workshop has been featured in the July 4, 2011 issue of People magazine, the August 9 issue of the Daily Herald (Chicago Suburban) newspaper, and the August 19 ABC World News program with Diane Sawyer in the “Person Of The Week” segment.

The goal of the TOT Project is to provide a modified, safe tricycle for children with special needs to strengthen them and to enhance their physical therapies and to allow them to play and interact with other children. The trikes are assembled by an all-volunteer project team and are provided free of charge. Trikes are donated mainly through agencies associated with special needs children such as Hospitals, Private Therapy Clinics, Schools and Easter Seal Locations.

We will honor a request from anyone with a demonstrated need when we receive a “Therapist Letter Of Recommendation” on a form that we provide. The Request Form can be downloaded from this website,, by going to the Home Page and clicking on “Spotlighted Projects”.

TOT Trikes are available in the following sizes:

10″ Trike Ages 1 1/2 to 2 1/2

12″ Trike Ages 2 1/2 to 5

Note: Previously offered 16″ Trike for Ages 5 to 7 is temporarily not available.


Metal Back Brace with foam back support and seatbelt

Foot Holders on pedals with Velcro straps

Upright Handlebars (if regular horizontal ones are too restrictive) on the 12″ trikes only

Trikes are distributed in the suburban and metropolitan areas of Chicago with no shipping charges. However, we will ship anywhere in the world, with shipping charges being paid by the individual or group requesting the tricycle.

For additional information or to request a tricycle,

please contact:

Gordon & Connie Hankins


TOT Project

440 River Bluff Circle

Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630 355-7211

Fax: 630 355-7211 (please call before faxing)


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