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Kearney WorksTechnology changes of the 70’s foretold of the ultimate closing of these massive WE Works locations, in January of 1983, the  the mighty Kearny Works Closed. The Western Electric Kearny Works, Kearny, New Jersey manufactured (power supplies and other equipment).  Between 1926 and 1986 the Kearny Works of Western Electric employed 24,000 producing a variety of hardware and supplies for the Bell System. During World War II, wartime production of radar systems occurred here.  Kearny was one of the three large “works” manufacturing plants of Western Electric, the other two being the Hawthorne Works of Chicago and Baltimore.

Penn-Jersey Chapter 132

The Penn-Jersey Chapter 132 is part of the New Outlook Pioneers group, within the “pioneer volunteer network” (formerly TeleComPioneers). We are comprised of employees and retirees of Western Electric/AT&T/Lucent Technologies/Alcatel-Lucent/Agere Systems/LSI living in the area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and parts of Delaware and Maryland. With over 11,000 Life Members (Retirees) and Regular Members (currently working at Alcatel-Lucent and LSI) we represent the industry’s commitment to responsible citizenship by volunteering to address community needs.

School Supplies & Back Packs

Schools in NJ and PA require that all students MUST supply their own school materials and supplies (including, but not limited to pens, notebooks, binders, glue, crayons, paper, calculators, computers etc.) in order to participate in the classroom.  As families in low income areas continue to try to recover from the effects of many years of a poor economy (from which they are negatively impacted) the task of providing these basic, but required materials is very difficult from many of them.

New Outlook Pioneers has sought to make a difference in some of these areas.  Many years ago letters were sent to elementary school principals in several urban communities that members knew had struggling families.  The principals were asked if providing back packs and school supplies for the students in their schools would be helpful.  The response from every principal contacted was a resounding yes!

Our goals have since been able to purchase a minimum of 1,800 back packs for second to fourth grade students in low income communities and to provide required school supplies.  Additionally, extra boxes of supplies are donated to schools that receive the back packs.  Nokia employees provide much of the required school materials.

A school supply donation drive is usually held in August annually.  Schools that agree to accept the back packs and supplies are notified when the items will be ready for distribution.  NOP volunteers separate and prepare the collected items for pick up by the awarded school staff members.

Carpet Replacement for Feeding Hands Pantry

In May 2014, Feeding Hands Pantry began operating out of donated space offered by Emmanuel Church in Somerville, NJ. Sixty percent of the church congregation stepped up and volunteered to serve. As the church saw the impact of what was happening, they allowed use of all their main floor space for pantry operations. Although the pantry is open only a few hours each Tuesday, the pantry grew very quickly from 26 families to serving over 240 families.  

Today the pantry distributes more than 75 tons of food annually, providing more than 32,000 pounds of fresh produce and 17,000 pounds of meat, dairy, and non-perishables items monthly. Most of the food is donated by public or local stores and in 2017 food was distributed to more than 8,000 people. The Client enters the pantry from the sanctuary and is walked thru the pantry to each food distribution area, prayer if requested, to outside and the carts with their selected items.

After the 2018 Thanksgiving event, it became apparent cleaning the carpet would not remove all the spills, tears and mud.  Friday before the event Somerville received 5 inches of snow resulting in wet and muddy area outside for this event.

In April or May when the weather is better, the carpet will be removed and replaced.  After the carpet is replaced the ceiling and walls will be painted.  The carpet will be protected during the painting process.

The New Outlook Pioneer PC Donation Program

The Morris Club of Penn Jersey Chapter 132 of the New Outlook Pioneers is engaged in providing multimedia personal computers (PCs) to schools and community organizations throughout New Jersey.

The purpose of the computer donation program is to encourage and foster the learning of basic educational skills through the use of modern technology.

The PC donation program focuses on recycling computer equipment that is no longer needed by local businesses and making it available for educational purposes.

The process developed by the Pioneers includes the following activities: 1) Refurbish PCs and assemble PC components into systems, 2) Install educational software on the PCs (if the PCs are for preschools), 3) Deliver, setup and test the PCs at a community or school location and 4) Provide ongoing support for the donated PCs to solve any software or hardware problems that may be encountered.

Our community applicant base includes preschools, churches, handicapped individuals and the blind.

The software and educational games installed on the preschool PCs help develop basic learning skills, such as math, vocabulary, reading, language and problem solving. Using the software makes learning interesting and fun while helping to develop basic computer skills.

Windows and office software are installed on the other PCs along with screen-reading software (if the PCs or laptops are donated to blind individuals).

The program has been in place for since 1995. The New Outlook Pioneers have assembled and delivered over 7000 PC systems to date.

Dave Sullivan and Steve Palaszewski

The New Outlook Pioneers Morris Club

Dave’s Email:

Steve’s Email:

Our PC Lab is located at:

The Morris Habitat for Humanity Restore

274 S Salem St

Randolph, NJ 07869

Contact Us

Penn Jersey Chapter 132

Chapter President: Jim Heidler

801 Ridge Pike, Apt. 18

Laffayette Hill, PA  19444

1st Vice President: Helen DeAcosta

4732 Alisan Road

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Pioneer Headquarters

5680 Greenwood Plaza Blvd, Suite 500

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T: 800.872.5995 F: 888.477.3351