The John D Burlie Club’s Twin Valley Psychiatric Hospital Christmas party on 12/11/19 in Columbus. We had a DJ for dancing and provided soft drinks and appetizers for the residents.

The Burlie group has three events with this group annually to give their patients something different to look forward to and attend. There’s a corn roast during the summer, and a hot dog roast in the fall. Most of our attendees have been participating for 10+ years.

Santa is actually the grandson of Gary Bogart that started our tradition 50 years ago.

New Outlook Region Reorganization Coming Soon
The Pioneers New Outlook Region will soon be reorganzed from seven chapters down to two chapters. The two chapters will be New Outlook East Chapter # and New Outlook West Chapter #. It hasn’t been decided how many councils there will be or clubs. The final date of the reorganiztion hasn’t been established. It is moveing forward as fast as it can.