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Monthly Archives: February 2020

Southwest Chapter Eastern MO Pioneer Council St. Louis, MO

A Thank You Message to the Council

Email From Mercy Rehabilitation Resources After Delivery of Craft Items by the Council To:
Judy Carroll Herbst
3708 Hawks Rest Rd
Wildwood, Mo 63069

Many thanks to all! Our patients very much appreciate these special items.Georgia Primo
Director of Human Resources
Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital – St. Louis
14561 North Outer 40 Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Office: 314-881-4007 | Fax: 314-881-4188

On Wednesday, February 26, the following craft items made by the following volunteers were delivered the following hospitals:

10- Flannel Baby Blankets (Donna Sturgess and Toni Forth)
5- Flannel Blankets – Rehabilitation Department (Donna Sturgess)
10- Crocheted Baby Hats (Phyllis Huddleston and Maryann Reitz)
2- Crocheted Adult Shawls (Laura Shively)
10- Hug-a-Pillows (Paula Fox)
10- Palm Toys (Pat Hawkins, Paula Fox, and Shirley Sisson)

10- Flannel Baby Blankets (Charlotte Stevens)
10- Flannel Incubator Pad Covers (Paula Fox)
5- Flannel Blankets – Pediatric Department (Donna Sturgess and Toni Forth)
10- Crocheted Baby Hats (Phyllis Huddleston and Maryann Reitz)
15- Mother/Baby Scent Pads (Paula Fox)
10- Hug-a-Pillows (Paula Fox)
10- Palm Toys (Paula Fox, Pat Hawkins, and Shirley Sisson)

It is our pleasure to donate these items to provide some comfort and calming to your patients.
Paula Fox
New Outlook Pioneers
Comforting Crafts Coordinator
Submitted by Judy Herbst for chair Paula Fox