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Monthly Archives: May 2020

New Outlook Pioneers Region Contacts For Each Chapter

Many of the Region Officer pictured above attended the Pioneer Association Conference held in March 2019

During the executive board conference call on Thursday, May 7, 2020 a action item came up. It was decided it would be nice to have a list of chapter officers posted to the website to make it easy for others to find chapter contacts. A spreadsheet with a list of officers is now posted to the web. You may access the file by clicking on this link.

Another action item was discussed to make all the PAC forms available on the .  I have double checked and to be able to find and open all the forms you need to be signed in with the association website with a login and password to be able to open the link on the association website Pioneer Accounting Center (PAC).

If you need to be signed on the association website to open the link to (PAC) to get to the forms from them.  I don’t think we should put up a page with links to open the forms as you have to log in on the association web to open the link to the forms.  The general public shouldn’t be able to open and or copy the forms.  You need the authorization to be able access the forms at  and that should be the same anywhere else. 

If you need the Pioneer Accounting Center (PAC) forms you begin with then in the menu select Members, on the drop down menu click on the Pioneer Accounting Center (PAC) and login and enter your password and select the forms you need and download.  All officers should have a Pioneer Association login and password if you don’t you need to contact the Pioneers and get them.

Submitted by Region Webmaster

New Outlook Pioneers 2020 Scholarship Awards

Congratulations to all the winners. You should have received an email or US mail regarding that you will need to send the Pioneer representative a copy of your tuition bill that includes your student ID number as well as the address where the Pioneers should send the tuition check. This tuition information can be either a paper copy or a screenshot image that has been saved as either a .jpeg, .gif, or a . pdf file. This information should be sent by September 1. If you will not have this information by September 1, then send the representative a note saying when you expect to have this. If you have not been contacted by a Pioneer representative, then please contact Fred Salomon at or call @ 331-444-3161.

Submitted by Fred Salomon Director