HELPING HANDS Medical Equipment Ministry – Peace United Methodist Church
Volunteer Hours & Information
2019 and January 1 – June 30, 2020

• Total families served 3,381
(includes deliveries, pick-ups, and pick up of equipment at the church)
• Coordinator Volunteer Hours: 1960 (averaged 40 hours a week/49 weeks)
• Approximate hours given by other volunteers in HH Ministry: 5,000 – 6,000
(*See info below for “other volunteers”)

Families served before shutdown:
January 333
February 268
March 139 (thru 12th)
Shut-down due to Covid 19 virus – March 12 thru May 31
During closing we continued setting equipment outside for pick-up at the church which was requested by physical therapist, nurses, social workers
and a few folks that call the church and a few of our Peace family
Equipment was put outside the west entry doors with names attached. Paperwork completed for file, but not signed. No personal contact.

During that time 6 hospital beds were picked up at Peace. (our men and those picking up all wearing masks)

Families served during shutdown:
March 50 (March 16-31)
April 49
May 70

Reopened June 1: (2 to 3 truck runs only and only if absolutely couldn’t pick up
or drop off at Peace)

Families served after reopening:
June 249

Total families served January 1 thru June 30, 2020 – 1158
(Approximately 1690 during same time in 2019)

2020 Coordinator Volunteer Hours
January 1 through March 12: (11 weeks-open) 275 hours
March 12 – April 30: (7 weeks) (shut down) 84 hours
May: (shut down) 48 hours
June (partially open) (4 weeks) 100 hours

Total volunteer hours January – June 2020 507 hours

Important Fact! Beginning last fall, we added a volunteer helper each weekday morning to help get equipment marked and out for pick-up, getting small equipment ready for truck runs, spray dropped off equipment and move inside for scrubbing, legs back on cleaned equipment, check equipment for needed repair, etc. (cut coordinator weekday morning hours at the church in half!)

*All Other Helping Hands Ministry Volunteers
(Coordinator hours not included in figures below)

Approximate hours given by other volunteers in the ministry:
• Scrubbers (6 ladies/4 scrub a week) 3 to 3 ½ hours each = 12 to 14 hours weekly
• Call receivers (5 persons each week) 4-5 hours weekly = 20 – 25 hours weekly
• Weekday morning helpers (5 persons each week) 2 – 2 ½ each = 10 – 12 ½ hours weekly
• Repair small equipment. 2-3 hours weekly
• Truck Drivers (2 drivers each day/5 days each week) 5 – 7 hours each = 50-70 hours weekly
• Cleaning beds, mattresses, lifts -& bed repair – 5 1/2-6 1/2 hours weekly
• Office staff – unknown

Average weekly hours by other volunteers:
(at least 5 truck runs a week)
Volunteers weekly hours: 99 ½ to 131

Average annual other volunteer hours (49 weeks): 4875 ½ to 6,419

Reopened partially, June 1 and planning to continue to the end of 2020 or
until vaccine is developed, approved and distributed
• Pick up at church encouraged by all equipment requests
• Drop off at church encouraged by all equipment donations and returns; all sprayed with Selectrocide before taking into building
• Everything outside for pickup – no paperwork (to avoid spreading of virus)
• Hospital beds – encouraged to pick up at Peace
• Call receivers get calls each day
• Scrubbers began Monday cleaning June 1 (wear masks/social distancing – no more than 4 each Monday) (Cleaned June 1 & 2 to catch up then each Monday)
• Truck Runs:
o Pick up equipment including hospital beds that could be left on porch, driveway, in garage, etc.
o Only going inside homes to set up or repair hospital beds when they had no family to assist putting together, or to pick up as needed.
o Drivers wear masks and gloves/people in homes wear mask and observe distance guidelines
o Equipment sprayed with Selectrocide (which kills the virus) when picked up and when dropped off before going inside church buildings
o Half of our drivers are not comfortable going out on runs or into homes, so truck delivery/pickup limited.

Summited by Elaine Housley Director for Linda Hottle