Paula Fox thought she would submit a sampling in a photo of the work they do in the project Comfort Crafts and donate to the two charities they work with. The attached photo is a sample of the Crafts Blankets, Hug-a-Pillows, and Palm Toys in inventory for delivery for delivery to the charities that they donate the work to.

The blankets displayed on the top of bundles of 20 blankets each are made by Donna Sturgess, Charlotte Stevens, Toni Forth, and Annette Ravens give you an idea of the various fabric designs I try to select. As the Coordinator for Comforting Crafts, I purchase the fabric with our grant money, measure, and prep the blankets for sewing. Part of that prep includes batching, labeling, and maintaining a record of the batches, and delivery. The ladies do a wonderful job of sewing them and making sure that I have sufficient inventory for our donation deliveries.

A portion of the fabric that I purchase is used to make Hug-a-Pillow and Palm Toys. I try to select fabric appropriate for toddlers to teens for the pillows. I mostly make these, but get help stuffing from Pat Hawkins.

Since some of our blanket donations go to a Rehabilitation Department at Mercy Hospital, I try to make sure I select fabric designs that are appropriate for various ages. The same is true for the Hug-a-Pillows that are donated to the Pediatric Department at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Our donations are greatly appreciated by the hospital staff because they know that our small contribution to the calming of their patients, makes their jobs a little easier.

Submitted by Paula Fox Comforting Crafts Coordinator