Therapy Oriented Tricycles (TOT) Nov Build

Connie and Gordon Hankins hosted a Therapy Oriented Tricycles (TOT trikes) build November, 2021 in the basement of their home in Naperville, Illinois. The trikes are built and stored in their basement. When a request comes in for a TOT trike they then pack the trike from the inventory and delver it for shipping.

The group in this trike build consisted of 13 people: eight members of the Joliet Kiwanis as well two neighbors, Gordon and Connie Hankins and their daughter. After the days work and the completion of 20 TOT trikes the group was served homemade cookies, coffee and drinks with a job well done.

You can find out more information about the Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) Project here.

Submitted by Region Director Fred Salomon