The Western Electric Pioneers at that time was called the Telephone Pioneers of America and they started a project for the Physical Handicapped Children of America in the late ’70’s – early ’80’s named the Hand Operated Tricycle (HOT). The Rolling Meadows Life Member Pioneer club was located in Aurora, Illinois where the Montgomery Shops was located. The Montgomery Shops work was opened in 1955 and made data-phone transmission sets, traffic service position sets, telephone parts and was closed and demolished in 1987.

A number of locations that had machine shops helped make all of the parts needed to customize a regular tricycle into Hand Operated Tricycle (HOT). The closing, selling or spinning off all of the 21 former manufacturing plant spelled the end of the HOT’s made and assembled by the Pioneers.

It wasn’t the end of the special tricylces that the former Pioneers were make. The Life Member Pioneers in Aurora, Illionis in the late ’90’s converted the project into the Therapy Oriented Tricycle (TOT) helps physically challenged kids get active. Telecom Pioneers Gordon and Connie Hankins lead efforts to give custom trikes to kids in need today. The TOT’s are modified and assembled then stored in the basement of there home..