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PodCast Episode of Eyes On Success about Pioneers Beepball Airs This Week

Here is a really wonderful podcast about our Beepball project in Denver. What a great way to start the week and what a great reminder of the difference we make in this world.

Thank you J!


Episode of Eyes On Success about Beep Baseball airs this week
Beepball Inverview on Podcast by

Eyes On Success – formerly Viewpoints radio and podcast program
2304 Equipping Beep Baseball Worldwide (Jan. 25, 2023)

John and Nancy
Jan 24, 2304 Equipping Beepball Worldwide (1/25/23)
with John Cruz, lead volunteer, and J Kelly, chapter president of the Colorado Legacy West Pioneers, about how beep baseballs & other equipment are made. We’ll also talk about how the game is played.

Learn how beep baseballs are made as well as about the surprising connection between beep baseball and the phone company when hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with John Cruz, lead volunteer for the group that assembles beep baseball equipment, and J Kelly, chapter president of the Colorado Legacy West Pioneers. We’ll also talk about how the game is played.

John and Nancy — Thank you again for a fun and fascinating interview about how you make the equipment for beep baseball players worldwide. Thanks especially for your patience when it turned out we needed to repeat it. The episode of Eyes On Success based on that interview officially airs tomorrow (see links below). We hope you like it. If you do, please feel free to post a link to it and/or otherwise share it with anybody you think might be interested. We only ask that you use the link so we can track our downloads. If you prefer FaceBook or Twitter or YouTube, links to those are at the bottom of this note. We post every episode to each of those.


Beep Ball 9/23/2022
Last Friday, our Beep Ball Volunteers were awarded the Denver 7 Everyday Hero award for their extra efforts to produce beepballs throughout the pandemic when supply chains were broken, and parts were delayed. I just got word that their episode will be broadcast on Oct 2nd during the 10 pm newscast. It will be repeated during most Monday morning newscasts and the following Saturday.

The story will also be available to watch online sometime Monday morning after it airs on Sunday.

We thought you might enjoy tuning in and watching some CTBL/Pioneer Volunteers be honored.

Many thanks to Denver 7 for this award and the special morning!

Find us on social media at:

Terri​ Marcotte
Director of Volunteer Engagement
Colorado Talking Book Library

The Beepball group meets on Fridays from 8am to 10:30am at the Colorado Talking Book Library located at 180 Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80226. They work on different parts of the beepball to complete them for sale. New volunteers are always welcome!

Help Needed: Legacy West Pioneers, Colorado Chapter, Pioneer members are the only volunteering organization that makes the beeping balls, beeping eggs and beeping bases, and we are in need of help! You do not need to have any special background – just a willingness to help. We will train you for the work that needs to be done.

John Cruz 303-289-2270

Pioneers Penn Jersey Ch. 132 Backpack Project and Don MacKenzie Grants

The strength of Pioneering is the volunteer. Pioneers projects are as diverse as the communities we serve. We take a grassroots approach towards volunteerism, responding to the unique needs of our hometowns. The Pioneers Don MacKenzie Charitable Foundation Fund (Foundation) provides grants for educational and/or charitable community service projects that make a significant impact in local communities and generate substantial recognition for the Pioneers.

Students in NJ and PA Public schools are responsible for providing their own school supplies (including, but not limited to backpackspens, notebooks, binders, glue, crayons, paper, calculators, computers, etc.)

New Outlook Pioneers has endeavored to close the economic gap in some of these areas. Many years ago, we sent letters to Elementary school principals in school districts where we identified struggling families. We asked these school administrators if their students would benefit from receiving back packs and school supplies. The response from every principal contacted was a resounding “YES”!

Since that time, we set a purchase goal to buy thousands of back packs, and accompanying school supplies for students in the communities we serve.

Submitted by Cynthia Price – Penn-Jersey 132 

Pioneers Connect with Women’s Center For Advancement in Omaha, NE

The WCA is the go-to place for anyone in the Omaha area who is experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking. Our free, high-quality services address our clients’ safety needs both immediate and long-term, and help them to grow into independence over time. The WCA assures that no victim will ever walk alone in their journey. We also provide education for the community at large, to raise awareness about issues of power and control, to strengthen support for victims, and to make the Omaha metro a safer place for all.

On average the WCA serves 150 people every single day. We do this through our advocacy, outreach, education, legal, and counseling services. One in four women and one in seven men will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime.

We want to eliminate channels of power and control so that all people can lead safe, healthy, self-determined lives.

Judy Coffey was close to the WCA early this year and when in to chat with them and see what needs they might have. She was told most any thing so Judy went to work purchasing cloths, coats for winter, diapers and wipes for them.

Heartland Pioneers Volunteers Help Again on the 31st TurkeyFest

Thirty-one years ago the Omaha Works Pioneers started TurkeyFest with the Salvation Army. They provided the place to hold TurkeyFest and the Pioneers provided the rest. Things have changed but the Pioneer are still here volunteering and providing some help with the supplies. Below is the coverage by KMTV’s of the 2022 TurkeyFest

Salvation Army’s 31st annual TurkeyFest helping hundreds of Omaha seniors in need
Story by Kalé Searcy

OMAHA, Neb. —Since 1991, the Salvation army’s 31st annual Turkeyfest helping Omaha seniors in need has helped provide dinner on Thanksgiving.

And for almost every year since, Douglas Thoms has been there as a volunteer.

“We had people that actually came into the Salvation Army, and we would feed them as they came through the line,” he said.

Thoms remembers the program providing just a few meals, but now they’re sending out over 1,000 across the metro.

“It’s changed then. Now we put it in a Styrofoam container, and we send it out to each individual’s home, which is different because each year the number of people that need help grows,” Thoms said.

Kevin Newlin has been the Salvation Army’s chef for 14 years, spending the days before Thanksgiving in the kitchen.

“It takes about three and a half, four days. And then on Wednesday night, we start coming in and blanching the green beans, getting the potatoes ready, making the stuffing, and everything’s from scratch here. So, we try to make it as delicious as possible,” Newlin said.

Newlin said since his start, this year came with its own set of challenges when it came to getting everything on his shopping list.

“The supply and demand of turkeys has been a nightmare this year. We had to go back to whole turkeys. I couldn’t find the normal turkey that we use, and then inflation, it just put a price tag on all the items that we had to, you know, purchase with a smart mind,” he said.

But Newlin said the focus was to stay on budget to meet the growing need in the metro. And for almost every year since, Douglas Thoms has been there as a volunteer.

“We had people that actually came into the Salvation Army, and we would feed them as they came through the line,” he said.

Thoms remembers the program providing just a few meals, but now they’re sending out over 1,000 across the metro.

“It’s changed then. Now we put it in a Styrofoam container, and we send it out to each individual’s home, which is different because each year the number of people that need help grows,” Thoms said.

Kevin Newlin has been the Salvation Army’s chef for 14 years, spending the days before Thanksgiving in the kitchen.

Repost from KETV

Joe Cleres & Don Sage New Outlook Scholarships For 2023 – 2024 School Year

Instructions to fill out the 2023 – 2024 Scholarship Application

  1. Download the .pdf file
  2. The file will save in your download files
  3. You can now save the file to a folder or desktop
  4. Open the .pdf file with either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader
  5. In the header click on (Add text)
  6. Then place the curser where you wish to start and Click
  7. Using Word just double click on the file and begin
  8. Fill out the form, name your file and save to folder or desk top
  9. When completed email your file to


Joe Cleres & Don Sage New Outlook Scholarships Winners For 2022 – 2023

Dear Scholarship Winners

Thank you for applying for the New Outlook Pioneers’ Joe Cleres-Don Sage Memorial Scholarship Award for 2022 which is named in recognition and remembrance of Joe Cleres’ and Don Sage’s Pioneer leadership and service, and especially, their long commitment to education, youth and the scholarship process. 

Congratulations!  It is my pleasure to report that you have been selected to receive a scholarship and educational expense award billed by your registrar.  Your academic achievement and service to others are outstanding.

Please submit a copy of your tuition and other educational expenses billed expenses billed by the registrar with payment information by September 30, 2022, to This bill must identify the institution and its mailing registrar’s address. Be sure that the bill includes your name and student number.  This information should be received by us by September 30, 2022.

If you will not have this information by September 25, please send email with a date when you will have this data.

Since the award is to be applied toward tuition and educational expenses, the check will be made out and mailed to the school or institution which you will attend as soon as the necessary information is received.

We plan to have the Scholarship Program next year.  Applications for next year’s program will be available by January 1, 2023, on the New Outlook Pioneer website at this link

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your tuition information.  We wish you success in your educational pursuits and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Sincerely yours,
Fred Salomon And Elaine Housley Directors
New Outlook Pioneers Scholarship Committee


Pioneers John D Burlie Club Takes Part in Central Ohio Veterans Stand Down

Central Ohio Veterans Stand Down was held on Tuesday, October 18,2022 at the Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The John D Burlie Club Pioneers was represented by President Jerry Dunbar and Bobbie Hall-Refinati.

Tables were set up Monday with help from American Legion Auxiliary #430 and American Legion #797, We brought socks, gloves, hats, scarves and other items for distribution.

The doors opened at 7:30am. 450 Veterans were served (349 men, 101 women). The event stayed open until all the supplies were distributed, which was around 10am. Lunch was served to all, and the event was a great place to meet Veterans and their families.

There is a plan for a Stand Down next year, and we plan to participate again and Dan Willis, Executive Director, thanked everyone to know that the Coat Sales starts in stores the third week of January and purchasing for next year’s event would be appreciated.

Central Ohio Veterans Stand Down is scheduled for October 17th, 2023.

Submitted by Bobbie Hall-Refinati

On Our 111th Anniversary Happy Pioneers Day!

On November 2, 1911, when the civic-minded leaders of the young telecommunications industry created Pioneering, they couldn’t have imagined that the group they founded, in a hotel ballroom in Boston, would grow into a world-class volunteer organization over a century later. But Pioneers did grow. And just as telecommunications technology has evolved over the decades, so have the Pioneers. Both have changed the world – from how we communicate to how we help our communities every day. Whatever challenges the future holds, our communities can count on one constant truth: Pioneers will always be there to answer the call for help.

On this 111th anniversary of our founding, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do every day to keep this organization relevant and alive. I truly believe that we can make this organization stronger and better for years to come because we have the right people (YOU!) on the board to make this happen.

I just want you to truly realize and understand that the work you do matters and makes a difference. I appreciate you all very much.


8547 East Arapahoe Road, Unit J-312

Greenwood Village, CO   80112

Laura Whitlock | Executive Director | 303-571-9260

Cozy Wraps Keeps Making Much Needed Items to Donate to Those in Need

This fall on September 15, Carolyn delivered 22 baby blankets to Lydia House investing 342 volunteer hours, on September 29 she had 2 scarfs, 8 head bands and 5 scarf/headband set she delivered taking 33 hours to make. Gwen accepted the baby blankets for Lydia house. Then on October 6 she delivered 6 lap robes/shoulder wraps to Heritage Ridge. Carolyn noted that she took 81 hours to make these items. Her volunteer hours totaled 456 for the items she made and donated. Chapter president Bob Wolkins thanked Carolyn for making and delivering these items. The hours were added to the Cozy Wraps total for the current year.

Submitted by Carolyn Wolkins – Photos by Bob Wolkins