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New Outlook Pioneers Eastern Missouri Council Roster Chapter 136

Recently I received a spreadsheet from Elaine Housley via Judy Herbst that was updated by Patricia Hawkins due to some changes in their council roster. This is information for the Region and for others that would look to contact different member in the council. The council roster is information complied for an up to date record.

If each club, council and chapter had a roster with all of the officers and chairs in a roster list they could be posted in the NEWS under their chapter and if you wished to get a hold of someone you could search the chapter news files and locate the roster and find who you are looking for.

You can use the Eastern Missouri Council roster spreadsheet as a guide to develop your own roster and then share it on the website.

For those that would like to view the updated roster just click on this link.

Columbus J.D. Burlie Club Take Part In Veteran’s Stand Down Day

The John D. Burlie Club of the Telecom Pioneers donated many items for veteran’s on Stand Down Day October 15 in Columbus, Ohio.

Left to right : Frank Juodvalkis, Elaine Housley, Karen Juodvalis, Jim Refinati and Bobbie Hall0 Refinati. All belong to American Legion #430 out of Bexley Ohio, but Elaine.

Stand Down are one part of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ efforts to provide services to veterans. Stand Downs are typically one day events providing services to Veterans such as food, shelter, clothing, health screenings, VA and Social Security benefits counseling, and referrals to a variety of other necessary services. These include services such as housing, employment and substance abuse treatment.

Stand Down is a program that was conceived from the ground up specifically for Veterans. It is designed to transform the despair and immobility of into the momentum necessary to get into recovery, to resolve legal issues, to seek employment, to access health services and benefits, to reconnect with the community and to get off the streets.

After over 25 years of hosting Stand Downs in Columbus Ohio, we have expanded our services to meet the needs of all Veterans. This is in response to the ever changing challenges facing our Veterans. All Veterans are welcomed to Central Ohio Veteran Stand Down held on Tuesday, October 15th!

Pioneer August Christmas Party 2019

L-R, Charlie Austin, First Vice President, West Mo/Ks Council, Elaine Housley, New Outlook Director, Bill Akers, President, West Mo/Ks Council and Jillian Burch, Lee’s Summit Christian Church Office Administrator.

The West Mo/Ks Council’s annual “Christmas in August” took place this year on August 8, 2019. The West Mo/Ks Council decided a few years back with never knowing what the roads and weather could be in December, to hold their annual get together in August when the weather is good. This year around 150 registered for the annual Christmas in August coffee and cake reunion. The council makes a donation to the Lee’s Summit Christian Church for making the hall available for their activity. Included are few a pictures of the Charm Shop that makes no cost therapeutic devices for children with physical disabilities through its woodworking shop. Photos were sent by Thelma Bibbee.

39th Annual Special Fields Games Raffle Winners

Northeast Chapter 131 President Teresa Gagnon reported that they had a beautiful day for the
39th Annual Special Field Games on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Teresa was chair of the
Raffle Tickets that had over 70 prizes worth anywhere from $15 to over $200.

Teresa has been running the raffle ticket project for the last five years for the games and said if
anyone in the pioneers wanted to have a raffle in their chapter she would be happy to share her
knowledge of how to build a team for success.

Check out the Raffle Ticket Winners at the 39th Annual Special Field Games

39th Annual Special Field Games

The annual Special Field Games is a sporting event for people of all ages with special needs. Hundreds of guess have fun participating in many athletic events. The Special Field Games originally took place in 1981, sponsored by the Pioneers. In the years since Lucent’s closure of its North Andover location in 2007, the Special Field Games have been carried on by Paul & Kellie Martin. This year the games will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Northern Essex Community College.

Please support the 39th ANNUAL SPECIAL FIELD GAMES by purchasing tickets for our raffle! 50 possible prizes worth anywhere from $15 – over $200!

Download the Raffle Ticket Purchase Form

Pioneers Coney Island Night at the Twin Valley

J.D. Burlie Pioneer Club sponsor Coney Island Night
at Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare


Thank you and the pioneer volunteers for organizing the Coney Island Night at the Twin Valley Behavioral Healthcare. Please thank all your pioneers for their continuing service and support of our programming for central Ohio’s adults living with severe and persistent mental illness.

Maureen Fahy, MA, ATR
Volunteer Service Coordinator