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We Want You To Join Us In Making A Difference

In a recent study of Pioneers, these were the top five reasons people love being a Pioneer:

1.  Helping people in need.

2.  Making a difference in their community.

3.  It’s good for you. People who volunteer are happier and more connected.

4.  Working with friends and family on meaningful projects.

5.  Pride in the Pioneers organization.

Pioneers also gain valuable skills and training. Running community projects builds organizational and leadership skills. Holding officer positions is also a great way to be a leader. The Pioneers is the largest industry-based volunteer organization in North America. As such we are able to make a significant impact in causes such as feeding the homeless, protecting the environment and educating our youth.

Join Now

Thank-you for your interest in joining the Pioneers!  Just click on the button to read the Pioneers Flyer:  

Pioneer Flyer

How to Join

  1. Fill out the Membership Form located here:  
    Membership Form

  2. Fill out the form save, print copy and send

  3. Send and email to Elaine Housley – NO Director –  She will let you know when she has receive the form entered in the datatbase.

  4. You are done!  Thank you for joining the Pioneers

Benefits Now Open To All


Good news!   There are some discounts and special offers recently opened up to all and using these these discounted benefits our Pioneer organization!  Below is a link to a list of the companies who support our Pioneering mission by paying royalties to Pioneers when people use their services.  Clicking on their link lets them know a Pioneer promoted them.  Please save this site and share with all your friends and relatives!  There is no obligation when you click on a company’s link and comparing prices is strongly encouraged!  Help keep Pioneering healthy and strong for the next 100 years.  We are at 110 years and counting, so pass this info along.

Member Benefits