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Atlanta WorksThe Western Electric Co. opened the Atlanta Works, Atlanta, Georgia and manufactured (undersea cables, later fiber-optic cables).  Among Atlanta Works’ 3,000 employees was a large contingent of Bell Laboratories scientists and engineers, some of whom were instrumental in demonstrating the first experimental fiber-optic cable system at the facility.  

Southern States Chapter 134

Southern States Chapter 134 is located in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky. The membership includes the Lucent, Avaya, Agere regular and retired employees and in addition, over 3,000 former Bell System affiliate Pioneer Life members. Chapter 134 members welcome all retired Pioneers from the former Bell system companies, to join with them in fellowship and various Pioneer projects.

The listing below are our projects past and present.

Talking Books

The Lakeland LMC continues to be part of the Talking Book Program. The club members have received and repaired 126 audible books. The books are a great assistance for those persons, that have eyesight problems.

Look and Learn

The Orlando Club donates dictionaries to the third grade students at Maxey Elementary School. The program is to help those students in both spelling and understanding of words. All students in the third grade at Maxcey were presented personal dictionaries in Nov.2018 .

Packages For The Troops

The Orlando LMC collects various personal items,toys for children, toiletries and other items, for the troops in Iraq. This is a continuing club project.  Four packages were sent in 2008 and four completed packages were sent in April 2009.Three packages were completed and sent in February 2010, three packages were sent on June 2010 and three packages were sent Aug 2,2010.The club sent two packages in Feb 2011. In addition to the normal personal type items,the previous boxes included two footballs, ping pong paddles, 4 dozen ping pong balls, raisens, cd’s/dvd’s, carmex and food snacks. The troops have written letters of thanks to the club members for their continued concern for them. They were especially appreciative of the sporting equipment. This is a continuing club project and members and friends should contact any club officer for what materials are needed for the boxes.

Gifts for Young and Old

The Georgia LMC members make wooden toys for underprivileged children and are distributed around the Christmas Holidays. During the 2014 Christmas season,the club distributed hundreds of wooden toys to the children at Lilburn, Corley and Rockbridge Elementary Schools. The toys continue to be made at the old Lucent cable plant facility at Norcross GA. Thanks to the present plant owners, for their continued assistance for this project and to the dedicated members involved in this ongoing project.

Ann Henriquez generously donated $800 to the Orlando LMC toys for Tots Program. The toys were purchased and will be distributed 11/12/2016. Thanks Ann.

Gifts for Veterans at Medical Facilities

The Heartland LMC located in Sebring, FL collects needed personal supplies and various canned and boxed food supplies for the local VA clinic. The supplies and other gifts are greatly appreciated by the veterans and staff.  In March 2018, the club presented the local VA hospital with 10 bags of grocery items, 18 Ditty Bags of personal type items and 5 hand made lap robes.

Fundraising Quilt

The Georgia LMC has many activities to raise funds for their various projects. Life member, Neldia Daniel,hand made a queen size quilt and donated to the club, for its use. The club asked members for donations for the quilt and the member received a ticket for each donation. The club was able to raise $300,for it’s projects,through this event. The winning ticket was held by Life Member,Maria Garcia, who is now the proud owner of the beautiful quilt. Thanks to Neldia and all who participated.

Cuddly Lucy Dolls

The members of the Nature Coast LMC of Florida, make and distribute soft muslin Comfort Dolls. The dolls have a face on each side of its body, one sleeping and one wide awake. The dolls are dressed in different types of clothing. The dolls are presented to patients with dementia at nursing homes and hospitals. The patients relate to the dolls, which has a calming effect on them. In February, the club presented 30 dolls to the patients at the Forest Oaks Assisted Living Facility of Springhill,FL. This is an ongoing project of the club. Those interested in this project, contact Bonnie Ruge 352-592-9856.

Ronald House

The Orlando LMC helps support two Ronald McDonald Houses in Orlando. Since opening in 1996,over 7000 out of town families have used them as temporary homes,during family hospital stays. The club has collected over 148,054 aluminum tabs as a fund raiser for the house and helped raise $46,346.The club members help maintain and service the two houses weekly, as needed. From Jan. 2014 thru December 2014 the club collected 54 lb’s of aluminum tabs. 6 1/2 lb’s of pop tabs were collected and given to the house Feb. 2014. 32 lb’s. of tabs were collected this year. To assist in this project, contact a club officer.

Coupons for Food & Education

A number of Clubs clip and collect various company coupons or box tops for redemption. The coupons are given to various charitable organizations,to help with their purchase of food and other items for the needy. The Orlando,Nature Coast,and Heartland LMC’s collect the coupons,as an ongoing project.

Various collected company box tops by the Orlando LMC,earned funds,for the Maxey Elementary School purchase, of electronic equipment. If you would like information on this project,contact a club officer.

Packs for Kids

Chapter 134 Clubs collect student educational material and other necessary school items,to be placed in a furnished backpack. The completed backpacks are presented to children in need. Also,the student packs are at times completed with clothing items for school use.

The Heartland LMC located in Sebring,FL furnished 7 backpacks with school supplies, to needy students of the Advocacy Center.

Orlando LMC collected and distributed 200 boxes of school supplies including: pencils, marking pens, erasers, pads of paper and other school items to the new Maxey Elementary school campus in August 2018

Pillows for Hospitals

The Orlando LMC members made and distributed 100 Heart Pillows in August 2018 to the Florida Hospital. The Heart Pillow program is an ongoing project for the club. The members have made and distributed over 3300 Heart Pillows since 2002.Those who would like to help and have fun, while cutting, stuffing or sewing the the pillows, can contact Club President Nan Shaffer 407-855-2358.

Members of the Heartland LMC located in the Sebring,Fl area are involved in the “Pioneer Heart Pillows Program”. The members meet to cut,stuff and sew the Pillows. In March 2018, the club presented 56 Pillows to the Florida Hospital. The club has presented 147 pillows in 2017.Thanks to: Bernice Hearndez, Ruth Pederson,Lois Metts and Pat Jones for their work on the project. If you would like to be part of this project, contact Pat Jones 863-465-9772

Child Caps, Blankets, and Lap Robes

One of the many projects worked on by the clubs of Chapter 134, is knitting and sewing Surgical Children’s Caps and Baby Blankets. The caps and blankets are for new born and very young children after surgery. The parents keep the units when the children leave the hospital.15 Blankets and 5 baby sets were delivered in Mar.2018.

The members of the Nature Coast club, located in Spring Hill Florida made and distributed 150 Baby Caps, to the Spring Hill Regional Hospital. The hospital staff in the maternity ward expressed their thanks for the needed caps.

The Heartland LMC members made 38 baby caps and 6 blankets. The Surgical Caps are made in different colors and designs, so the children can pick the one they want to wear during their surgery. The Baby Blankets are used for new born and to bring home by the parents. The club distributed the Caps and Blankets, to the Highlands Regional and Florida Hospitals,in Sebring Florida.

The Orlando LMC made and delivered 15 baby blankets and caps in March 2018. The blanket’s were delivered to the Florida Hospital. Thanks to all the members involved in the project.7 blanket sets we delivered in Nov.2018.

Members of the Sebring,LMC crocheted 5 beautiful lap robes April 2017 and delivered them to the patients at the Lake Placid Nursing Home. A special thanks to Dee Gray,for her work on the blankets.

Party & Charity at the Beach​

The Orlando LMC will have “Weekend Party at The Beach”during May 2017 while at Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort,in Daytona Beach. The festivities include a charitable fundraiser event of a “Corn & Hot Dog Cookout”, for the Russell House of Orlando and club community service projects,which raised over $1,000 May 2016. Members will place event announcements of the charity cookout through out the Resort. Thanks to all who will participate,in this wonderful weekend of fun and community service. A special thanks to Perry’s Ocean Edge for their continued support of the Pioneers and the use of their equipment. The next “Weekend at The Beach” will be May 19-21-2017. Make reservations and call Nan at 407-855-2358 for information and reservations

Have a Party

The Georgia LMC members volunteer to give a Birthday Party on the fourth Wednesday of each month,for the residents of the Lilburn Nursing Home, Lilburn Ga. The club members serve cake,ice cream,and soft drinks. The birthday ladies and gentlemen of the month each receive a small birthday gift. The club has a very special Christmas party for the residents, during the month of December.

Goody Bags

Club members make and fill bags, called, Ditty Bags,for various nursing homes and veterans hospitals. This is an ongoing project of many clubs. The bags are filled with personal items such as toothpaste,combs,shampoo,writing paper,cards,pencils and other health and personal items.

The Nature Coast club located in Springhill, FL donate ditty bags to local nursing homes.

The Heartland LMC, Sebring, FL completed 57 bags in 2017 and donating them to a local nursing home and the veterans hospital. Thanks to all for participating in this project. 

16 Ditty bags were presented to the VA hospital and nursing home in April 2017.

Also,16 bags of various grocery items were presented to the VA location and 7 bags of clothing were presented to Children’s

Advocacy Center, in March 2017.

Christmas 2017, 12 bags of personal hygiene items were presented to the Children’s Advocacy Center with 11 sets of clothing,12 stuffed animals,dressed dolls,for .

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